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I love designing because it aligns with my core values.

I uncovered my passion for design when I was an educator. As a teacher, I loved the fact that I was utilizing my empathy and creativity skills for the betterment of the world. It was during this time that I also discovered a number of problems that I couldn't solve in my capacity as a teacher. 
My gut was telling me that I could potentially make a bigger impact by using all of my skills with another profession that involved the digital world. Shortly after, I discovered the field of UX Design when I organized a conference for the Aga Khan Council for Ontario in 2016, catered to Women in Technology.  I haven't turned back ever since.
When I'm not at the drawing board, you can find me relaxing, with a hot cup of chai, catching up on the latest Bollywood movie with my family. You might also find me putting together an exciting itinerary.  
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